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How to dress for sports? Some advice

January 1, 2020

It is often taken lightly. Sportswear not infrequently becomes a hodgepodge of worn shirts and old shorts that are pulled out of the drawers of (ancient) memory. In reality, every sport should be combined with the right clothing , for numerous reasons. First of all, practicality : it is undeniable that every gesture, every movement, can be supported (or made more difficult) by the right clothing. Then, well-being: the frozen sweat on you is not pleasant, nor healthy. And there is also a psychological component: having the right ‘equipment’ raises self-esteem and willpower. Because it feels more beautiful, in better shape, more in the role of the sportswoman. Having said that, how to dress for sports? Here is a short guide.

Dress for sports, guidelines
With the exception of physical activities that require a precise outfit (uniforms, as in martial arts, or swimsuits), in general for all the others we need a top, trousers, a pair of shoes. But they are not all the same. In general, in sports where many positions change, such as pilates, yoga, aerobics, fitness with tools, it is better to focus on tight-fitting clothes . They allow you to move freely. If, on the other hand, you run or play a team sport, it is likely that a t-shirt will do more than well, but the tight – or short – trousers guarantee more freedom in any case.

Obviously he must dress absolutely comfortably, and not have annoying seams . The fabric is very important : it must be breathable. Cotton in this case is good, but when the sweat wets the head and then it gets cold, it becomes unpleasant in contact with the skin. We highly recommend technical or mesh garments , specially designed to allow the skin to breathe.

Shoes are another very important component, and for every activity there is a suitable shoe. But socks are also fundamental: the best ones for playing sports are terry toweling, capable of absorbing sweat. Finally, when one thinks about how to dress for sports, one often overlooks a crucial component: underwear . The briefs must be made of cotton, with as few seams as possible. While the bra must be possibly purchased among sportswear. Because these are breathable, particularly restraining models, capable of supporting without limiting comfort. We have recommended 10 here .

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